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We are a team of writers and bakers who provide factual and reliable information on all things about baking.

Is there a celebration without a cake? It’s a new normal to have customized cakes to spice an occasion. Apart from the health benefits, cakes show a sign of appreciation and value for friendship. Personalized cakes depict the taste and daily activity of an individual. Some people come to your event to enjoy a bite of cake. The many flavors and creativity in this industry give everyone a chance to fill a market gap. Are you passionate about baking? Do you have an online site to help you through the journey? As an expert, is there a gap you feel misses an online baking content? If yes, then this is a blog for you.

Our History

Our blog started from a weird Facebook posting. We were in a Facebook bakers group.

A member posted a cake that had sunk and was seeking advice on what could have gone wrong. I was eager to learn from her mistakes, for I was also a victim. Out of the hundreds of comments, there was no help; instead, comic comments offered help; instead, it lowered the member’s self-esteem.Later, when I came to check on the post, it was pulled down.

Was the member satisfied with the answers? Of course not. That was the beginning of this exciting journey to talk about everything to d with cake and cake making.

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Just like any business, it is advisable to start small and grow with time. Start with what you have and grow based on demand.

The market has an electric oven, gas oven, and charcoal oven. The first two are the best for commercial enterprises due to its friendliness in handling.

If you need physical training, you can search in your local area to get the best.

Online stores serve as the best place to get the best deals on cake accessories. Please have a look at them on our listings but take care of the shipping costs. As long as they are listed on our site, they are legit, and their payment system is verified against fraud.


Cake making needs accuracy in measurements of ingredients. It’s a skill that you can’t change or add some essential ingredients. Something else, you need to follow the steps to the latter if you want to prevent disappointment. That is why we have cake recipes on our blog to gives you a start on your baking journey.