How To Avoid Common Bakery Mistakes

Baking can be a tricky process, with the potential for mistakes as common as yeast and flour. But you don’t have to take those risks when you know what not to do! 

Here are some of the most common bakery mistakes that we see at the bakery every day:
  • Check the expiration date on your butter
  • Make sure you have enough eggs to make the recipe
  • Measure ingredients accurately and use a scale if possible
  • Read all of the instructions before starting so you know what order things need to be mixed in
  • Don’t overmix or under mix – it should take about one minute for most batters
  • Make sure you have the right oven temperature
  • Use a digital scale to measure ingredients for baking
  • Be careful with how much flour and sugar you use in each recipe
  • Check your dough consistency after mixing it together – it should be soft, but not sticky or wet
  • Try using parchment paper instead of greasing pans when baking cakes or cupcakes to make them easier to remove from the pan after they are baked

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